The Thai Network Information Center Foundation (THNICF) is a Thai public service organization administrating the dot TH domain name and spearheading Internet development in Thailand.  One of its prime activities includes supporting Internet related education, research and development to to bridge the digital gap and increase vital internet personnel for the digital economy.

For a number of years, THNICF has been conducting many capacity building programs to address different target groups, including village technicians to maintain community networks, network engineers and operators as well as the general public.

Baengpun Camp

To develop youth in the province with low economic potential in web development and IT services that will lead to attractive careers in Tak or nearby provinces and reduce migration to large cities.

Computational Thinking course

To generate interest in logical thinking by developing potentials in algorithm solutions and interest in a career as a program developer.

Developer Development course

To provide problem-based instruction, focusing on skills required to use various software development and IT tools and develop ready-made platforms to solve specific problems.

Introductory Data Analytics course

To enable local entrepreneurs to analyze data and better understand the needs of consumers.

Network Training course

To develop technicians for community networks and upgrade local entrepreneurs in small community ISP business.


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